Stock Screener Software

Stock Screener Software is designed to allow you to quickly sort through or “screen out” only the stocks that have specific characteristic you are searching for. Many stock screening allow you to search for stocks based on PE ratios, volume, market cap and other fundamental determinants. Other stock screeners include technical stock trading patterns that are commonly found such as triangles and wedge breakouts. The advantage of these stock screeners is they allow for a vast amount of customization by the user. That same advantage can create a disadvantage for some users. Those users may not really know what they are looking for or what data criteria might produce a screen of stocks that present the highest possible probability of a successful stock trade.

Free Stock screeners on the web very seldom give you the ability to back test the performance of the screen requested. This produces blind results and no clear statistical advantage to traders who create their own criteria mix. Most stock screeners don’t give specific buy and sell signals as an option within the screen choices. Stock screening can offer screens Market Trends and ETF’s (Exchange Traded Funds), giving you a resulting screen of diversified ETF’s to choose to trade.

If you’re not sure how to find stocks to trade but your convinced that stock investing is by far the most effective way to grow money, then you need to find a screener that produces results of stocks with specific buy and sell stock trading signals included in the screen. You should find a stock screener that not only has settings to customize each screen, but also a stock screener that has settings and screens set by the developer. This gives you one click access to a stock you may be able to trade today. Stock screeners will tell you why to buy a stock, but there is no point in having a stock screener that finds stocks and does not include ‘when’ to trade the stock.

The Market Trend Signal™ Stock Screener is a powerful stock scanning, robust tool for traders and investors. Screens can be made using the proprietary buy, hold, and sell signals that are proven to work. The stock screener also includes a back test tool allowing traders to test how stocks have performed within the desired screen. You can also screen for StrengthRank™, a proprietary ranking feature of the Market Trend Signal system. StrengthRank™ finds the cream of the crop, the best in class stocks that institutional trading firms are interested in accumulating. Sign up for Market Trend Signal today and experience the industries top stock screener.