Market Trend Signal™ - Trade Stocks Profitably

The only way to always be on the right side of the market is to follow the market. Information that is known or anticipated has already been factored into the price of a stock. You’ve seen it yourself when a company announces better than expected earnings and the stock suddenly drops. Or earnings are worse than expected and a stock rallies. Have you ever wondered why? Stocks drop and rally because information that is known or anticipated is already reflected in the price of the stock. The only way to be on the right side of the market is to identify a new trend early and then ride that trend for all it’s worth.

Albert Einstein said, “A man should look for what is, and not for what he thinks should be.” Price is the only thing that tells you the direction of the market, or “what is.” Everything else is opinions about “what [he thinks] should be.” To be successful, you need to ignore the endless rumor and chatter about fundamentals, economic projections, news events, and analyst opinions about “fair value.” Price rules. Price tells all. Price is the trend follower’s main concern.

Do you rely on tips or rumors of split announcements and other news stories? Do you listen to advisory recommendations or opinions from market experts on television? Where do you get your information? Is it proven? Is there any kind of track record or backtest tool? Do you know anything about their risk controls or calculators? Do you get haphazard random picks from just anyone? MTS™ is a fixed process. You know exactly what you’re getting and why. You can test historical signals then measure and calculate risk on every transaction. The truth is that the market tells you exactly what it’s going to do, if you know how to listen. Market Trend Signal™ not only identifies major market direction, it also nails huge winning trades on stocks with uncanny accuracy.

In an ever changing economic environment, investors need a serious, disciplined approach to trading, trend following, and market timing. Our objective is to provide every trader with a market timing system and a trend following system that work together, allowing for greater investing and trading success. Our application tool uniquely combines Market Trend Signal™—the leader in Trend Following Stocks trading systems—with trend following investment strategies. Our solution allows traders to take advantage of markets, whether they’re moving up or down…regardless of rumor and chatter. Sign up for your FREE 30 Days RISK FREE.