Market Trend Signal App Now Available

Now you can access market indexes, sectors, stock analysis, watchlists, and MuscleStocksTM all from your iPad and iPhone with our free app. Just use your active Market Trend SignalTM account username and password.

Access it now by using the link below:

Market Indexes And Sectors

Buy, sell, and hold trade signals on all major market indexes via tradable ETF's. Monitor all MTS market conditions at a glance.

Stock Analysis

Review current trade signals and key financial data on every stock and ETF.

Watch List

Create, view, and modify your WatchLists.


Follow and monitor your portfolio. Update your holdings quickly and easily. Create and follow multiple portfoliios to track long and short positions.


Get all the top MuscleStocksTM and MuscleETF scans. Review charts and other key trade data.